Broccoli with Olives

Cabbage, native to the crags of Europe’s Atlantic coast, has been cultivated into almost a dozen varieties. Here, a short history of the brassica family and of the avid cabbage-eater Cato the Elder, with a recipe for you to try. A photo I took of the broccoli with leeks and olives on a plate. Cato… Continue reading Broccoli with Olives

Roman Land Snails

An enterprising Roman farmer brought snail farming into the mainstream many centuries ago, but people have been eating these mollusks for much longer. Here, a history of snails and a recipe to try. A photo I took of the cooked snails put back in shells, with a bit of parsley. They may be most familiar… Continue reading Roman Land Snails

Rosatum (Rose Wine)

The centerpieces of ancient Roman townhouses, peristyle gardens were lush and vibrant with decorative plants. Here, you can read about ancient Roman homes, the flowers grown in them, and a recipe for rose wine you can try. A photo I took of the rosatum in a glass after three weeks of steeping, with extra rose… Continue reading Rosatum (Rose Wine)

Buccellatum (Soldier’s Hardtack)

Legionaries built the might of ancient Rome, but they couldn’t have marched around the Mediterranean without food. Here, I tell of this early hardtack, the simple cereal sustenance that fueled ancient soldiers, with a recipe for you to try. A photo I took of the buccellatum biscuits on a plate. Best soaked in something! After… Continue reading Buccellatum (Soldier’s Hardtack)


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