A Roman Prandium

It’s been a while since I last fixed up a full ancient meal – over two years ago, I made ientaculum, or the Roman breakfast – so I thought it was about time to try another one. For many folks living in Rome, the second meal of the day would have been called prandium. Typically… Continue reading A Roman Prandium

Lucanian Sausage

If you take a second to think about it, sausage is a weird idea. The offal of one animal (or several) is combined with the fat and blood from another, which is then forced into the innards of, possibly, yet another. A bit gory, I’ll admit, but sausage has for ages been an wonderfully resourceful… Continue reading Lucanian Sausage

Sala Cattabia

Salt was an essential ingredient in the Roman kitchen, seasoning and preserving food. Here, I write about an ancient sort of salad with a refreshing touch, plus a recreated recipe to try. A photo of the sala cattabia with shaved ice and mint. It tastes much better than it looks! Greek, Caesar, Cobb, Waldorf, Niçoise…… Continue reading Sala Cattabia

Broccoli with Olives

Cabbage, native to the crags of Europe’s Atlantic coast, has been cultivated into almost a dozen varieties. Here, a short history of the brassica family and of the avid cabbage-eater Cato the Elder, with a recipe for you to try. A photo I took of the broccoli with leeks and olives on a plate. Cato… Continue reading Broccoli with Olives


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